UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of conducting a brief follow-up survey during the summer of 2013! Stay tuned for more details!


Thank you for your interest in this collaborative research study on community initiatives to promote aging in place. Welcome to the study website!

As we all know, older adults overwhelmingly prefer to remain in their own homes. Yet services and supports to prevent unwanted relocation in later life are in many ways fragmented, inefficient, expensive, difficult to access, inconsistent across communities, and unresponsive to individuals’ changing needs.

In response to these ongoing challenges, Villages and Naturally Occurring Retirement Community-Supportive Services Programs (NORC programs) have emerged as leading national models for community efforts to support aging in place. NORC programs and Villages have grown leaps and bounds over the past decade. They also have received considerable attention as innovative models that can help shape the design of supports for older adults in the future.

Nevertheless, until very recently, there has been a dearth of national research on these initiatives. Research that systematically describes Villages and NORC programs in practice is essential for educating diverse stakeholders on what these initiatives are all about and what their similarities and differences are. Descriptive research is also necessary for guiding rigorous national research on the initiatives’ effectiveness and sustainability.

This study seeks to take a first step forward by taking a national “snapshot” of NORC programs and Villages in practice. Telephone interviews were conducted from January through June of 2012 with leaders of the initiatives across the U.S. Summary reports from this effort are available here. We are currently in the process of conducting a brief follow-up study, with a focus on issues around sustainability, growth, and decline.

We welcome you to explore the links on this website to learn more about this study, including the study’s organizers (research team and advisory group), what participation in the study in 2012 involved, prior research publications on Villages and NORC programs, and how to contact the study’s organizers.